Oriental Lily

Annual Displays

Orange blossomClassic Gardens specializes in container planting.

Their container planting service delivers 4 seasonal changes; Easter, annuals around Memorial Day, mums for Fall around Labor Day, and greens around Thanksgiving for the holidays.

The containers range in size from 8 inches up to 48 inches.

A variety of plants such as grasses, annuals, perennials, herbs, tropicals, and shrubs are used in the containers. The combination of different plants is meant to create a desired effect. Flowers aren't always at the forefront. Characteristics like texture, season-long interest, and color are combined to produce an interesting, balanced container that can be enjoyed all year long.

A mix of containers in front of a pond
An arrangement of several containers

Classic Gardens is equally effective at combining a variety of plants to create season-long interest in flowerbeds and planters. AND they deliver compost for the "do-it-yourselfers."

hostas and impatiens in a flowerbed
A flowerbed using a combination of hostas and impatiens

brick planter by a porch
Planters containing a variety of plants

or call (262) 951-1463 to learn more about what Classic Gardens can do for your property.

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yellow lilly

container with assorted flowers

lantana blossom

yellow flowers

arborvitae container

orange lilly