Oriental Lily


Classic Gardens offers a consulting service for those who enjoy doing their own yard work, but need some advice.

Besides owning and operating Classic Gardens since 2003, Jerry has worked as a golf course assistant and has owned a garden center. Jerry has a degree in horticulture from the University of Minnesota (1979) and is a licensed pesticide applicator. In the past, Jerry has also been an instructor at Gateway and at the University of Wisconsin Parkside.

Jerry also is a member of the following plant societies; Lily, Southeastern Wisconsin Hostas, Southeastern Wisconsin Daylilies, and woody plants.

You can be confident that with his extensive knowledge and experience, Jerry will be able to help you address your property's needs. And for the people who love getting their hands dirty, remember Classic Gardens also delivers compost.

New Guinea Impatiens and Elephant Ears
New Guinea Impatiens and Elephant Ears